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So, you ‘think’ you live in a ‘FREE’ country do you ?

Democracy: The Masses Lead by a Stupid Few…


What is Needed, is a Radical Review, of the stupid way that this world is being progressively Disorganised and Downgraded.

This Stupid way of life, is Unnecessary, and Un-optimised.

It Could be Better.

You Just need to Think.

From the papers today (17/08/22), the Latest example is:

"Cyclists may need number plates" headlines the Daily Mail as it reports on a "growing belief among ministers" that riders should abide by the same speed restrictions as other motorists, amid a increase in cyclists. The paper suggests cyclists could also need insurance and would have to observe speed limits under a shake-up of road laws. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told the Daily Mail he was proposing setting up a review to stop "turning a blind eye" to cyclists speeding and busting red lights.

"Cyclists may need number plates" is the headline in the Daily Mail, which says that a radical shake-up is under way of road laws. It says a review has been launched amid "growing belief among ministers" that people who ride bikes should be subject to the same laws as motorists. The paper reports cyclists could require insurance so they can be traced easily.

But the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps tells the Times that he's "not attracted to the bureaucracy of registration plates" on bicycles.

However, he does believe that cyclists should be fined for breaking speed limits in residential areas saying that "there is definitely a hard core of cyclists who seem to think the laws of the road don't apply to them".


So, Instead of Restricting the long held Freedom of people, to cycle Freely,

Why not Organise traffic lights and junctions, so that they allow cyclists to pass safely ?

Why not KEEP Cyclists MOVING ?


Perfectly possible to do Easily if you wanted to...

That would be sensible Now wouldn’t it…

No wonder they haven’t thought about it in that manner…


In terms of speed limits:

Why do we have speed limits ? and Why do people disobey speed limits ?

Mainly because things are in the wrong place, ie traffic is in conflict with pedestrians, and Limits are not Sensible and Overly Restrictive.


What is needed is a Better Organisation and Design of the Road System.

Also, People would travel less or by a better method, if what they needed, was nearer to where they are.

Residential Areas Should be Away from the Through Road.

Residential areas are better as cul-de-sac’s. They are quieter and safer.

Through roads should Flow at a reasonable speed.

They should not be Serial or Sequential.

On Through Roads even Cars should be Kept Moving…


All that needs to move now, is your Thinking…


'Cyclists should be fined for breaking speed limits in residential areas because they are putting people at risk', the transport secretary has said.


Well, The transport Minister should be Fined for not Organising the Road transport system Properly, and making Millions of lives Miserable,

and Putting lives at Risk Unnecessarily,

Just because of Bad Planning and Lack of Thought.


Could Do Better.... comes to mind.

Wonder what was on his school report...

and What Does he Actually Know about Anything at All...?